Siempre se ha dicho que todos tenemos un doble perfecto en otro lugar del mundo, con el cual compartimos similitudes físicas. Y este  podría ser el caso  de la cantante y actriz Jennifer López, quien no tuvo que ir lejos para encontrar a su ‘gemela perdida’, ya que las dos viven en el mismo país.

Su nombre es Janice Garay y es una joven fisiculturista que vive en Houston, Texas  aunque no se sabe acerca del origen de la chica sus marcados rasgos latinos se asemejan mucho con los de la actriz neyorquina, pero con un cuerpo es mucho más marcado y musculoso. 

 Garay es muy activa en las redes sociales en donde cuenta con muchos seguidores en donde suele subir fotos de sus entrenamientos y competencias

Las fotos de Jay, como se hace llamar, han sido el foco de atención en redes sociales ya que en muchas de sus fotografías de Instagram se ve idéntica a la diva de ‘Bronx’, según sus propios seguidores, a lo que la joven respondió “Así que lo que ustedes me están diciendo es que todo el mundo tiene un gemelo ¿y que @JLo es la mía? ¡Lo tomo)!

 Por ambas vivir en el mismo país los seguidores desean un pronto reencuentro entre ambas bellezas latinas. Aqui les dejamos las fotos para que juzguen ustedes mismos

🌙 3AM thoughts: 💭 I can't sleep from the excitement of understanding how much we create our lives. Literally every moment, every choice, everything is 100% up to how we think, how we feel, and how we see everything in our lives. It's mind blowing how we just hold onto few thoughts and become defined by them as if life is not a vast infinity of endless opportunities. Release, release, release!! You have to be bold in releasing the things that are keeping you blind. Your soul is light. Don't weigh yourself heavy with burdens that are meant for you to let go of. You have to own your life. You have to start creating your path. This moment is a new start. It doesn't matter what happened before or what went wrong. Rewrite, recreate, and renew your story. We only get stuck when we decide to repeat the same stories internally, expecting to see external changes. That's not how it works. You have to shift your internal reality first. Your thoughts are a force of energy ready to align you to you hearts desires. Don't talk about the things you don't want. Don't talk about anyone else or anything else in a negative way. These acts only affect you. Start sending love out with your thoughts and see how that changes your life. Anything that bothers you send love to it. This is a way for it to be released from your mind and heart. Anytime you fight, resist, avoid, think badly of things, they stay stuck with you. So send love out. Switch negative thoughts to positive ones. This is a strong thought that I wanted to share this moment with anyone who needs it. We are not limited; our beliefs are. Break free from those mental barriers and decide now that you want to run your life. Sending you energy of positivity, clarity, inner peace, and love. You got this! 💜

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🦋There will be times when your soul seems nothing but tired and your mind tries to pull you back into the darkness you have fought so diligently to be free of. It is normal, and it is okay. Being genuinely happy and at peace does not mean being in a consistent state of elation. Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t wake up with a radiating smile every single day. Understand that being vulnerable to negative emotions is a part of being human, and it in no way makes you weak or pathetic. Continue to be patient and kind with yourself, continue to fight through those draining moments and do not allow them to persist longer than they should. You are in complete control; sadness is simply a visitor within your mental space, not a permanent resident. Chat with it, understand it, master it, and most importantly, know when to say goodbye. You will wake up the next morning and everything will make sense. Life will make sense. It will all be wonderful. Believe that! 💯🙏🏾💓💪🏽

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