La modelo fitness Chontel Duncan ha dado mucho de qué hablar por su alucinante cuerpo, pero en especial por cómo este se transforma durante sus embarazos.

Recientemente, Duncan estuvo embarazada de su segundo hijo, tiempo durante el cual no bajó la intensidad de sus entrenamientos y lució siempre increíble, haciendo que muchos la admiraran y que otros tantos la criticaran.

ITS OFFICIAL 😱 you are watching my last session for pregnancy number 2. Feeling even better then I did with my first pregnancy, my bump is honestly the same size, I'm just not holding the fluid this time round. Big thanks to @mike_hiitaustralia from @hiit_australia for my pad sessions. Haven't been able to do a Muay Thai class as I cannot hold pads. I'm so grateful for the pregnancy I currently have, the way my body has handled it, the health I and baby have had throughout the journey & the support you all have given me. Yes I am well aware this isn't for everyone, but we all have to remember what is normal for me and my body isn't normal for everybody. Follow your doctors advise and just enjoy your journey for what it is. I will never take being able to carry my own babies for granted and wish everyone out their all the success in the world with any journey you may be embarking on. #9monthspregnant #2ndpregnancy #hiitaustralia (Videographer @sam_hiitaustralia ) #wshhfitness

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El pasado 20 de septiembre, Chontel recibió a un adorable y sano niño de 3.8 kilos, a pesar de que su cuerpo no se expandió tanto como el de otras mujeres.

Y ahora que se encuentra en su etapa postparto, la sexy modelo también impresiona a todos, ya que su abdomen luce como si nunca hubiese gestado a un pequeño humano en su interior.

Hace pocos días, Duncan compartió un par de selfies frente al espejo para mostrarle a sus seguidores su cuerpo post embarazo, y debemos admitir que las gráficas son alucinantes.

Curvas perfectas e incluso abdominales marcados caracterizan el cuerpo actual de Chontel.

“Ahora, antes de que me salten encima diciendo cualquier cosa negativa, piensen antes de escribir, todo el mundo es único y diferente en su propia forma especial”, le advirtió Duncan a sus ya usuales haters virtuales.

¡Mira lo increíblemente hot que luce!

Now before anyone jumps down my throat saying anything negative think before you type 🤔 everyone is unique and different in their own special way. There is no "one" journey or one way, this is my "normal". No one is forced to follow my account/s, I openly share my life for all who appreciate it, that includes the highs and the lows. I am only one person, so therefore I cannot possible relate to everyone's experience. If your instant response isn't positive I challenge you to see beyond your negativity and find the kindness within. I was blessed to conceive, blessed to experience no sickness, I did experience discomfort & tiredness, but overall I had a very enjoyable pregnancy. Could not be more grateful ☺️ I grew a full term 8 pound baby, delivering through c-section on the 20th Sept which is when that bump photo was taken. A week later I took my first "post pregnancy" progression photo. (As shown above) In a weeks time I start my very own 8 week transformation program @hiit_australia for the first few weeks it will be all about the nutrition plan. When I am given the all clear I will incorporate light walking and eventually be able to go back to training. I plan to keep you all up to date as I find my new routine as a mummy of 2 beautiful blessings.

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